Juggling Bottle Club

Weight: 290 gram

Material: PolyEthelyne

Length: 52 cm

A set of three clubs costs:

EU - 150 euros, including shipping expenses

USA - 150 dollars, including shipping expenses 

Each club comes with 2 Champagne-style labels but is further undecorated. This will give you the freedom to decorate these clubs in the style it best fits your show.

For orders, please email nielsduinker@gmail.com
Download here the chapter on "Juggling Bottles" from the book "How to become a Juggler," written in 1921 by Rupert Ingalese

The bottle club is produced after the original Tommy Curtin design, produced by juggling manufacturer Stu Reynolds. Niels purchased the original molds and recreated this club with permission of Tommy Curtin.

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 10.32.40.png

Independent product review by Kellin